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This is the feedback I got for my Boys Don’t Cry reaction paper from my professor!!

I want to cry!!

Boys Don’t Cry Reaction Paper

20 / 20

100 % Individual Feedback:

Wow! This is one of the best papers I have ever read about this movie. Too bad we aren’t in person because you are someone I would enjoy sitting and talking with!

Ragnarok hiatus

Signing off tumblr until after I see Ragnarok.

Pretty much staying off the internet until then too.

Thanks to that dumbass reporter, I almost had it spoiled (I kinda did)

And the gifs-though FANTASTIC-are getting to have TOO much info in them so I’m gone till after Nov 3.

Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God is not ‘a magician with a magic wand’

Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God is not ‘a magician with a magic wand’:

I have never understood this disconnect between Christians and scientists. I’m a believer but I believe in science too. I believe that God created things, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with science being the way that things are explained. I’m thankful more and more that my Grandfather-a MINISTER was a rational and educated man who answered the questions I had and made me realize that these worlds can coexist.

He taught me a lot of other things too, of which I am also eternally thankful-but that is for another day. 🙂

Boys Don’t Cry-the movie

Several years ago-when this movie first was released, I watched this movie, and it had a profound effect on me.

For one of my classes this semester, we have to write a reaction paper for it. 

I asked my professor if I could write my paper based on my previous viewing as I didn’t want to have to watch it again, but I decided to watch it anyway because as I began my paper, I just wasn’t getting the point across that I wanted to.

This movie is difficult to watch.In some parts it is downright unsettling. I do still recommend it-especially for people who don’t understand the transgendered community and what they experience.  What happened to Brandon Teena is just unimaginable-and this was in 93. Transgendered individuals are still being killed simply for being trans, it’s not ok.

I’m glad I rewatched the movie. It was a movie that really helped shape the course of my life and my education-it made me continue to pursue psychology/human sexuality which led me to become an ally to the LGBT community.

Studying is hard. #collegelife #catsofinstagram

Studying is hard. #collegelife #catsofinstagram

Mayim Bialik Stirs Controversy With Sexual Harassment Op-Ed

Mayim Bialik Stirs Controversy With Sexual Harassment Op-Ed:

And this is why I do not like her. I do not agree with her type of feminism and her “pretty people” vs “unpretty people” style. Just because she has a zillion degrees, it doesn’t make her better than everyone. The POINT of feminism IS equality AND that women CAN and SHOULD be allowed to wear whatever they want. No, it’s not a perfect world-but by saying that women have to dress a certain way in order to NOT be harassed or raped, yes Mayim, you ARE blaming the victim and that is disgusting. I’m glad that you’re better than everyone else Mayim and have all the answers and know how to conduct yourself in uncomfortable situations. I’m not a 10 either and I have been in that kind of situation, and no, it’s not always easy to know how to act even if you think you would or-in the cases for these particular women; their careers were at stake. Don’t judge them because they kept quiet for so long because they didn’t want it to affect their careers-that happens in places other than Hollywood too. It doesn’t just happen to pretty people. Harassment, rape, assault,etc don’t only happen to attractive people. It’s not about sex. It is about power. You would think that someone with a zillion degrees would know that.

PS-Gloria Steinem who knows better than you says and I quote, 

“Feminists can wear anything they fucking want.”

                     -this is the headline for the daily mail (eyeroll)- Hunky star Chris Hemsworth…

                     -this is the headline for the daily mail (eyeroll)-

Hunky star Chris Hemsworth flaunts bulging biceps and washboard abs as he goes shirtless for swim at Gold Coast beach

And in other news, people get naked when they take a shower……

Costume swap. Ygritte is now going to be #thor for #Halloween…

Costume swap. Ygritte is now going to be #thor for #Halloween (she’s getting a tutu addicted) #helaween #catsofinstagram @marvel @marvelstudios

You can’t argue with racists…

So yesterday, my best friend posted something on fb about what is going on in the NFL and one of her nephews made an idiotic comment. (He’s 18ish) and we both replied back to him but ultimately just gave up because it would be more productive to beat your head against a brick wall. (He did not understand the statistical data that he asked for and I provided-because he did not believe that A-black people are shot/killed more in this country and B-that they are charged with more crimes (disproportionate to the % they make up in this country) because they are also profiled,etc even though I provided plenty of statistics to show this (he didn’t understand how to read the statistics so he accused me of providing contradictory information and then just started being very condescending-and that was when I chose to end the conversation and told him I was done speaking to him until he could stop being an asshole.

His father (bestie’s brother) got in on the conversation later-stated that NFL players could do something else like give to charity etc or protest when they “aren’t at work” 

(BTW, the nephew said that the football players are not doing their jobs- I pointed out that they ARE-the game is their job. Then he decided to compare this to teachers teaching common core) (These people only recently figured out that bestie is a teacher mind you-and she’s been a teacher for a while now) (And he couldn’t get over the fact that those are two different issues)

Back to the brother-I pointed out to him ALL the charities that Kaepernick has donated to (and I told him I was not going to list every football player and every charity)-but I know several players donate so several low income cities-and Kaepernick’s goal was to make that his charity focus last year.

He then comes back with-”I know what he donated to and I don’t care.”

Um, so you changed your argument mid argument. 

I pointed out Trump is who made this about disrespecting the flag and turned it political-deflecting from what TRUMP and his administration is doing and the brother just had a big old shit fit (he’s a Trump lover/apologist)

He’s also a veteran and went off about first about respecting people’s right to protest and how he defending people’s right to protest, then he switched to protecting the flag……so since he didn’t care about the charities (when he said he did) and he stated he respected the right to protest (until he didn’t)

I can only conclude that what he meant was that he only respects and defends the rights of white Americans-much like the rest of the people pissing their pants about this issue.

He also got offended for being called a racist. No one called him a racist, so he knows he’s racist. (The post was stating “that’s what racism is.”) So the fact that’s how he took it, makes me think that he really needs to evaluate some things. 

And I have a lot more respect for the honesty of people who at least admit they are racist. I don’t respect them. But I respect the fact that they will at least admit what they are.

It’s ok to have to unlearn prejudice and stereotypes or to even admit that you have been racist and need to change. I think a lot of us have had to do that. That is part of evolving and growing and becoming a better human being. But living in denial of it-and hiding behind your white privilege, that’s just as bad.

Yeah I’m a little confused too, Ygritte. lol. #catsofinstagram

Yeah I’m a little confused too, Ygritte. lol. #catsofinstagram