Looking at these Avengers Endgame set photos worry me.

I do believe that Marvel is going with Loki being captured after the New York attack. And on the day him and Thor are suppose to return to Asgard, Tony Stark of the future shows up and talks to Loki, or shows him what will happen in the future if they let Thanos have the Tesseract. Loki seeing this has a change of mind or it could be the hold of the sceptre over his mind recedes. And decides to help. I wonder if Thor of the Avengers 1 will know about this. I think older Tony wouldn’t want his younger self to see him. Which means none of the Avengers know that Tony from the future is there. I believe Thor of the future most probably knows what will happen. But since there are no set photos of future Thor, I’m guessing he isn’t allowed to go to the past. Not surprising though ‘cause Thor would be quite emotional seeing his brother again, knowing that he had come to Earth looking ill and with a twisted mind and knowing in the future he won’t survive. Thor probably suspects Thanos has something to do with why Loki was the way he was in that New York battle time period.

This secretive talk between Tony and Loki could actually result in Loki helping The Avengers defeat Thanos but then his timeline doesn’t change.

But, there’s also the high chance that the past avengers do meet older Tony and come to know about Thanos and they team up to help keep the tesseract away from Thanos. But even this wouldn’t result in any change in Loki’s timeline. Maybe his sentence would be shorter but i don’t know if Odin would let loki be free.

Also, i don’t think Tony knows about Malekith and how he destroyed Asgard unless Thor told him, but then i believe Tony might not say anything to Thor in Avengers time period, cause it would change everything in the future, atleast that’s what would happen in canon MCU.

But, i can just imagine how things would be if Tony told Avengers 1Thor about Malekith, and Thor was able to prevent Jane from being possessed by the aether and was instead able to destroy it. Malekith would be stopped and Frigga doesn’t die. But i don’t know how things would be for Loki. Like i mentioned Loki would help in stopping Thanos, but unless Thor knows about him being influenced by the sceptre and tortured by Thanos, then there isn’t going to be much change in his sentence. Avengers 1 Thor needs to know what Loki had gone though and support his brother and make sure he doesn’t get put in the dungeon for eternity.