Did you read the rumours about chris retiring?…

Did you read the rumours about chris retiring? What do you think about that? 🙁

Yes, I did read the articles! To my understanding, it’s not that he’s retiring permanently, it’s that he’s taking a lengthy hiatus, which I do totally understand! From the look of an actor’s lifestyle, it’s exhausting and probably taxing on a person. Here’s one of the articles for context (the original article, you need a subscription to access the full text, but if someone wants to share quotes for better context, feel free to). 

If you notice, it mentions that he just wants to take at least six months off (I think a year at most), with his last project being the ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ (I’m assuming, he’ll probably still be brought back for promo with Avengers 4 next year). And while it’s sad to think we won’t get anything new from him for probably two years (maybe just the one since we, again, still have Avengers 4 to keep up occupied in 2019), I think we’ll still see him again.

Actors take hiatus and retire constantly, only to come back sooner than expected or be brought out of retirement. Chris Hemsworth, to me, has always seemed like a very practical person and someone who genuinely loves acting, so I do think it won’t be forever and he may come back sooner than we think (or pop up in ads or smaller things here and there that don’t require lengthy shoots or promo tours). So, while, yeah there’s always the possibility he could just become enamored with his home life and walk away forever, I feel like because he’s mentioned throwing around ideas for a Thor 4 (something I do think should be taken with a grain of salt and not confirmation of a Thor 4 or anything more, since we also know Marvel has another several years of movies lined up, anyway), there’s clearly love for his craft and a desire to continue and maybe even collaborate with Taika Waititi on something totally new? Who knows! 

TL;DR: I’m sad he won’t have anything new after Avengers 4 for a while, but I am confident he will come back and with a lot more energy than before, which is a good thing and who knows how he’ll branch out after being Thor for so long, maybe we’ll finally get that Chris Hemsworth led comedy we deserve.