Hey! Just a quick PSA. If you’ve noticed, and I’m sure you have, there have been a lot of high quality gifs out from Thor: Ragnarok, not available from trailers or released snippets and scenes. The digital download is not due to be out until February 20, the DVD/Blu-ray follows a couple weeks later, March 6. 


Vudu accidentally released digital pre-orders, which was enough for the movie to leak overall. 

I’m not here to tell you to not look for it or to not download or whatever, if you know how, mostly just, if you’re wondering– no, the movie is not out yet. I’ve seen people saying it is out (it’s not). It’s only out if you know where to find it and where to go. Just wanted to clarify, if you happened to be confused or curious why there’s a sudden influx of fun material to look at and to avoid any spread of misinformation.

And, while I’m here, I would also still encourage you to buy it (if you can, of course) when it does officially release, even if you do find a nice download (go crazy if you do), just because this could hurt sales and as someone who supports the studio and the cast and crew (not just the A-list faces you’re familiar with), and although this is Marvel Studios and Disney, some of that does flow back into creating more and more films and generally supporting the industry.